The Wrekin Wreaker Fell Race Sunday 23rd November 2014

Report by Colin Wood

The Wrekin is a large wooded mound or hill near Wellington Telford in Shropshire. It is 1335 feet high, 1.75 miles long and 0.75 miles wide with many tracks and paths all over it. The race route goes over the top three times and is about 7.5 miles long exploring every side of the hill. A total climb of over 2000ft.

The weather was ideal, cool calm and cloudy. 189 took part with one DNF.

The event was well marshalled with one at every corner where the route was not obvious. The pre race melee at registration was talk of how muddy it was as it had rained for days, to how precipitous the Goat Path was. All of which, I think, is meant to give you more resolve to give it a go. Entry fee is only £8 (there’s no medal, who wants one anyway? It was chip timed and results were up on the Newport and District Running club website real quick.

There was a one mile warm up trot to the start. Pre race instructions were the usual things, including if you set foot on tarmac you have gone wrong. As usual I started at the back that way I can count how many are left behind me and so I don’t get in the way until I got a feel for my pace. So over the stile, don’t slip up here before the race starts. Then we’re off, a long loop round the side of the hill for the first visit to the summit. Then back down a steep leafy slope sliding all the way. Round the South East side then sharp right up the Goat Path which after a few yards you know why it go it’s name. Did manage to ease past a few on this bit. Once you pass the big grey rock you’re at the top again where a photographer records the delight on your face. Along the ridge then down another twisting track. Then you run the whole length of the Wrekin over the summit for the 3rd time. Finally along the lower path over the stile another half mile and your home.
Time 1:42:29 came in 162nd. This was my third fell race having done the Pendle Memorial and Eccles Pike earlier in the year.
I thoroughly enjoyed the run and will go back next year to do it again. The point of doing these out the way races is to qualify to enter the Ben Nevis and/or Snowdon races. I have just learnt 06/02/2015 that I’m in the Ben race, let’s hope they give me a place in the Snowdon run!

Colin Wood.

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