The Dopey Challenge – Stephen Lewis – January 2019

On January 6th, Stephen Lewis, along with tens of thousands of other runners flocked to Walt Disney World, Orlando, USA to participate in the annual Marathon Weekend.  This consists of five races, the kids one mile race, the 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon, with all races going through at least one of Disney World Theme Parks.  They are unique races where the focus is not just about time but having fun, many characters are out on the course with opportunities to stop and catch a photo with them.

There are also two race challenges, complete both the half and full marathon and you complete the goofy and a half challenge.  Complete all four races (5k, 10k, half and full marathons) you complete the Dopey Challenge.

Stephen, has taken part in the last three years taking on the Dopey Challenge and travelled out again to take the challenge on for the fourth time.

The challenge starts with the 5K, followed by the 10K, building up to the half marathon and finally finishing with the Marathon.  Stephen finished all four races with the following results

·       Thursday 10th January – 5K                00:21:15

·       Friday 11th January – 10K                  00:43:18          Overall Pos.101 / 11944          Category Pos.10th        Gender Pos. 89 / 4885

·       Saturday 12th January – Half              01:35:20          Overall Pos. 202 / 18419     Category Pos.20th        Gender Pos. 177 / 7803

·       Sunday 13th January – Full                 03:37:16          Overall Pos. 413 / 11974     Category Pos.59th        Gender Pos. 342 / 5988


Overall Dopey Challenge time –  06:17:09                Unofficial Position – 85/5222


Stephen Lewis at The Dopey Challenge January 2019


Stephen Lewis


Stephen Lewis