Sittingbourne Chas Ryman Memorial 10

Report by Angela Parker

By the time I had arrived at Highsted School, the temperature was 16c. I collected my bib number and chip (and this was a funny little thing – not seen one like it before), I made my way to the school playing field.

At 10.00 we were off. The course started with a ¾ lap of the field which was freshly cut, and very damp, we exited a gate and set off up the road. The first hill came at just after 1 mile. I think that was the worst hill of them all. It was an undulating course. Out in the sticks there was very little shade and the roads were not traffic free. I admit I did struggle throughout the first 7 miles having to stop 4 times in total to refocus and pop a jelly baby or two. It was nice that runners from other clubs were saying “well done Dover” to me and “keep going, you can do it” as they passed me.

And I did it, because in the last 3 miles it all came together and I finished 1:36:17. I am pleased with that after the week of illness leading up to this run.

My oldest school friends from Rochester were there to support me and we all went to lunch in the Bobbin Apple at Bobbin. Brilliant!

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