London Marathon Sunday 13th April 2014 Race Report

By Phil Brand
Setting off at 07.15 to catch a 7.30 bus,  I was 3 minutes into my trek when a Bourne Sports shoulder bag decided to split and snap contents everywhere;  this was my ‘perishable’ bag . Well most of those did perish .. well .. at least it was not my kit bag.  Still managed to catch the bus though.  It got me to Lewisham  then a train to Blackheath.
Getting off at right time of 08.03, my destination to the Blue start enclosure was paramount as so that I may re-evaluate my race strategy with less ‘perishables’ to choose from.  I seemed to generally be alright from my 4:34.18 Brighton Marathon last Sunday, as a precautionary measure  I had two leg massages Monday & Friday/ Had bought a Massage Stick ideal for pre & post Race therapy also invested in a pair of Lime Green Compression Tubes.  So .. my kit comprised of the following :- Harlequin hat & Dickie bow, Purple & White Asthma UK top (I was impressed with the Charities investment), light Blue shorts, green Compression tubes, Orange & White New Saucony Ride6 shoe … my name is Nito …. Incog for short …
My aim was to Race Brighton and Run London, the only concern I had was just would my Calves hold out ?
On the start line – feeling anxious,  nervous, excited, ‘weird’. From Pen 5 it just over 4 minutes to start the run proper. Got into a nice running pattern straight away, it was at 600 meters where I took a pit stop – (runners trots) ! Sorry x Sorry x Sorry x
Like a true DRR I soldiered on, it was nice to see Club support at 6M & 18M also 25M. Thanks Guys encouragement was much needed. I was pondering on a 4hr. 30 ish finish . However I saw the 4hr pacer 200 meters ahead yet the 4:15 & 4:30 were nowhere to be seen, although during the race I passed 4:30 around 5M – intention was to slow down for support at 6M, DRR and Asthma at 6.5M.
Enjoying the Cutty Sark and Tower Bridge landmarks soon came half way 5 minutes inside time (whow).  Stints of walking and one of stretching inevitably prevailed but not as much as Brighton – by far.  Usually in VMLM I like to achieve 3 things:- a) come top half of results table  b) try to gain a better position than my Race Number  c) hope to see runners coming to half way as I am coming to 21/22 Mile markers. To this point I know I have succeeded in c)  started ‘flagging’ in the last 6M – running through Underpass on approach to Embankment a new lease of life kicked in .. 4:30 pacer group went past .. tagging on the end was a god send, however it did not last to the finish line. I just slowed down to walking pace approaching 25M where I heard the screams of Team Coleman .. so I briefly put another spurt on but the finishing line was in sight and stopped my watch at 4:36.28.
To me a very respectable time with the following persuasions:-
Ran Brighton Marathon the previous week
Slightly chilly start but soon warmed up
My ill health start
I would also like to say that the other DRR’s who ran all did marvellously well, fantastic guys well done.
For me I can say that’s LonDONe xx
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