Brighton Marathon Race Report for April 14th

Report by Sylvia Barrett

After months of training in ice cold conditions our runners awoke to a mild morning. Rain at first, as they gathered at the start all wondering how their run would unfold, a lot can happen in 26.2 miles. Supporters gathered around the course. DRR support stations in place, flags flying,whistles ready.

All our runners passed through the 10k mark as expected. By mile 13 they all looked great, we saw all our runners go through, smiles, waves and thumbs up then they disappeared – we would not see them again until 25 miles. The sun came out and it was getting hotter by the minute so we knew that would make things tougher.

So who would we see first ?

After a nail-biting wait Neil Coleman appears! We all go a little nuts cheering shouting and I nearly blew the pea out of my whistle !!

Then Gary Husk, Martin Mcconnell and Mark Burton all running brilliantly. Emma Roberts and Kat Corlett were next, they were holding hands and smiling, that was great to see.

Joseph Huntley followed Carson Medhurst.

Pat Coleman smiling, all in pink, including her hair. Tracy Foote was digging deep. Steve Baird, Mike Bond and our brave and brilliant Billy Baker beaming and waving as he headed for the finish. Dover Roadrunners AC are very proud of all our runners.


Neil Coleman 3.23.14
Gary Husk 3.25.55
Martin McConnell 3.35.35
Mark Burton 3.39.32
Emma Roberts 4.08.46
Kat Corlett 4.08.47
Joe Huntley 4.18.27
Carson Medhurst 4.22.03
Jo Daniels 4.43.44
Pat Coleman 4.45.16
Steve Baird 4.54.52
Tracy Foote 4.57.15
Billy Baker 5.59.24
Mike Bond 6.16.07

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