Club Session Booking
Our groups will be based on venue size and resources including LIR availability. Once you join a running bubble for the evening you will warm up, run and cool down with the same group. No mixing bubbles. We have prepared a guidance documents for our LIR Leaders Including – Covid Risk Assessment
Booking slots will close at Midnight on Sunday before the session. After this point you will not be able to attend even if there is space available. You can cancel or change your session if needed but again only up until the Sunday deadline. Please let us know if you are unable to attend the session you’ve booked on as soon as possible.
This week we have 2 sessions available. Amy and Angela will be leading 600m (x6/x8) at Crabble and Jo and Michele will be leading their Elms Vale Hills Session.
This week we will be doing our Clifftop Lighthouse run once again. We will be meeting at the new Marina Curve, on the gravel area. First group will head out at 6:15pm following the route briefing. Return to 5k group will meet as normal at the pebbles end. This session is designed to suit any pace. Walking or Sprinting.
We will be meeting at the Duke of York track this Tuesday. Start time is slightly later at 6:30pm. Please look out for the leaders on the night to be directed to the start area where the session will be delivered. Masks must be worn if using the toilets on site. If you wish to attend and have not already provided Sylvia with your car details please do this as soon as possible before the day.
7 – 8 min/ml – 2x groups of 6
8 – 9 min/ml – 3x groups of 6
Crabble – Amy and Angela
Connaught Park – Michele and Kirsten
Elms Vale Hills – Jo and Michele
Under 9 min/ml – Meet at the new Marina Curve
Over 9 min/ml – Meet at the new Marina Curve
Return to 5k – Meet at Pebbles (Seafront)