Our groups will be based on venue size and resources including LIR availability. Once you join a running bubble for the evening you will warm up, run and cool down with the same group. No mixing bubbles. We have prepared a guidance documents for our LIR Leaders Including – Covid Risk Assessment
Booking slots will close at Midnight on Sunday before the session. After this point you will not be able to attend even if there is space available. You can cancel or change your session if needed but again only up until the Sunday deadline. Please let us know if you are unable to attend the session you’ve booked on as soon as possible.
We have based the the pace groups and sizes on the member Facebook poll. Groups may be subject to change based on the final booked numbers so you may be asked to run in a slower group if needed. Please bear with us as we adapt to this process! On Monday, once the booking has closed, we will inform all members of the leader or person in charge of your group of 6. We will also give you a meet point on the seafront for your group.

We will all be setting off in our groups from 6:10pm so please arrive at 6pm at your meet point. After 6:10pm your group will have gone and you will not be able to tag on to other groups.
We have 3 different venues this week offering a range of speed and hill work. Please meet at 6:10pm for all sessions.
Crabble – Amy and Angela – 1k reps (300m recovery) x 3 or x 6 depending on pacing and time.
Connaught Park – Sylvia and Jay – Meet at the bird cages. The toilets are open Can all runners bring a drink and a warm top. If anyone has any Allergic reactions to park hazards such as Stings or Nettles can you please bring your Epipen and let Sylvia and Jay know where it is.
Elms Vale Hills – Jo and Michele – Meet at Elms Vale Park
7 – 8 min/ml – 2x groups of 6