Blean Woods Run

Report by Sylvia Barrett
On Sunday morning a group of Dover Road Runners met in the car park of Blean Woods for an off-road run through the woods.

During the week we had so much rain I was gathering animals two by two and was starting to build an Ark, so with this in mind we were all a bit concerned as to how muddy and boggy can a woods be ??

Well the first runner I met was Alec Baptie. He proclaimed it was very boggy, more like a swamp and even claimed he had seen crocodiles in the swamp!
With this in mind, Martin and I led our victims, I mean runners, into the woods. At first we were all a bit unsure of the muddy and slippery terrain. Some of us were pleased to be wearing our off-road proper trail shoes. It did not take long for us all to start to enjoy the beauty of the woodland. It was so pretty dressed in its autumn colours and very peaceful… well, until we arrived.
Pat was challenging us to go right through the middle of the big swampy puddles so we all took the plunge and were all having so much fun.  We were soon all muddy and our feet soggy. This is real running fun.

Martin took it a stage further and did a full commando roll in the swamp mud giving him the most muddy award with Pat coming a close second.  All too soon the car park came back into view and our mud run was over. Mince pies and hot drinks and a brilliant gang of DRR runners, what more can we ask for?

Thanks everyone for so much mud fun !!

Martin Muddy Mcconnell
Pat I love splashing in mud Coleman
Phil you’re not coming in my car like that Coleman
Neil no mud as it could not catch him Coleman
Jon slightly slipped Wiles
Pam skipping through the swamps Winkler
John invincible Thorpe,
Emma Cinderella shoes Roberts (Jay said can you clean his trainers?)
Allison look at me running through big muddy puddles Fitz Alec on the crock watch Baptie
Odette big smile on face Collard
Sylvia oh look a lesser spotted roadrunner bird Barrett

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