Dover RoadRunners A/C Bylaws

1. Subscriptions

a) The current full annual subscription fee is £45 including £15 for affiliation to England Athletics (EA) for Full members, and £30 for second claim Members where a full fee is paid to EA elsewhere;

b) Junior subscription fees are £1.50 per session payable on the day;

c) Any change in the annual subscription fee set at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) may be applied retrospectively to apply to all Members for that year.

2. Club Kit

 a) Club Kit will be available only in Club colours;

 b) All Kit ordered by the appointed Kit officer will be supplied to Members at cost price;

  c) Some Kit, in Club colours, may be available from various suppliers as “one-off” orders and members are free to purchase this if they wish. Lycra vests from WASP are an example of this.

3. Club Officers

 a) The Club Committee will call for annual elections for nominations for positions within the Executive Committee of the Club. These are currently:

   i)    Chairman – including Head Coach

   ii)   President

   iii)  Vice President

   iv)  Treasurer – including Membership

   v)    Hon Secretary

   vi)   Webmaster

   vii)  Press Secretary

   viii) Team Captain – Men

   ix)   Team Captain – Ladies

b) other roles including Junior Section, may be created by the Committee as required.

4. London Marathon Places

Qualification for entry into the annual draw for guaranteed entry(ies) which may from time to time be awarded shall be as follows. The Entrant shall:

1) have been a Fully paid-up member of the Club continuously since 1st April of the preceding year on the date of the draw in November;

2) have been a regular attendee at Club meetings and have supported the Club competitively by running in Club colours at events such as open Races and Inter-Club Relays. The Club Chairman will be guided on a decision in these circumstances by the Club Captains and, if necessary, other Club Officers;

3) have entered the relevant London Marathon ballot and shall provide the relevant rejection slip within the time stipulated

4) not run under a Club place in the previous year’s marathon.

 Similar procedures will apply should the Club be offered places in other events as well as for any Club Ballot for Awards

Reviewed April 2018